Freckleton War Memorial

Lest We Forget

          The names of  George Butler and William Ernest Meyler 

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                              Freckleton War Memorial




Freckleton's War Memorial in the centre of the village was supplied by Cookson's of Blackpool at a cost of £255 and was made from Glencoe Granite with the inscription:

'In Grateful Memory of the men of    Freckleton who fought and fell in the   Great War 1914-1918'

...and on the other side:

'Lest we Forget'

It was unveiled on November 11th 1924 by Colonel Berthon O.B.E., the senior officer at Preston Barracks, after a procession which included Freckleton Band, the War Memorial Committee, a number of ex-servicemen, the Council and the four children who had been orphaned as a result of the war.

The men listed to the left are those who died in WW1 and are remembered on the Memorial. 

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The War Memorial Committee

 A Committe was formed in November 1921 with responsibility for organising a memorial for those men who lost their lives during the 1914-1918 war.  The money for that memorial was to be raised by public subscription.  Initially a house to house collection was set up with teams of two men, comprising an ex-serviceman and a non ex-serviceman, visiting homes in the village.  Additional funds came from a number of functions and from various donations. One such was Mr Alsup who gave £19. 10s., which was the price of a cow sold by the Marsh Managers.        

Originally the thought was that only those who were killed in action or who died of the effects of the war before the armistice should have their names on the monument, but a subsequent amendment, that others should be included who died after the armistice was, following much debate, carried.    The final criteria being:

               '...that any person who served in His Majesty's forces during the war belonging to the village, if death should happen as a result of that service up to the time of erecting the memorial, their names be put on.'

Two names on the memorial, relative to World War 1, are out of alphabetical sequence; those of Silvester Carr and Robert Rigby.

When the idea of a War Memorial was muted, both Mrs Carr and Mrs Rigby decided that they did not wish to have their husband's names included.  However, after the unveiling, Mrs Carr was so impressed that she asked if it was possible to have his name added.  She very much regretted the action she had taken previously and was prepared to pay all expenses which would be incurred.  The committee, after much discussion, finally agreed, provided that Mrs Carr paid the clerk before the work was done.  A rider added that if Mrs Rigby made the same request, her late husband's name could be added at the same time.


Names at the front of the Freckleton War Memorial Committee minute book:

Walter Rawsthorne, G.W.Rigby, John Sudell, Ed.Sudell, Geo. Allanson,  Rev. W. Preston,    R.C.Rigby (crossed out),   M Armstrong,   John Kirby,   Rd. Whittle,   I.S.Throp, E.Iddon,   Jas.Samson, R.N. Wignall, R. Butcher, J. Hargreaves, J. Armstrong, R. Wilson, Rd. Eastham,  Tom Iddon, C. Whittle,  Rev. Fr. Roche,  J. Lonsdale,  Wm. Iddon, Thos. Whittle,  J. Baxendale, Hayward and Mr Platt.

(The Committee Minute Book is held at the Lancashire Record Office, Bow Lane, Preson under Ref. No. PR5010/8)